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        Everything you need to shop comfortably:

        Space, quantity, quality and diversity.

        And in the remote case that you will need it....assistance....witch we will extend with the at-most gratitude.

        As you can see in the picture, a visit to our shop works inlightning, creat new ideas whille you´r looking ate the solutions.


We sell the following brands:

    Tools: DeWalt, Black& Decker, Dynamac, Sady, Stanley, Bellota, Sima, Palmera, Vise Grip, Ferfor, Kapriol, Rubi, Starret, Hitachi, Karcher, ESPA, Lavor, Heliflex.

    Electric Material: Legrand, Nortecnica, Massive.

    Paint, Glue and Protective Coatings: Dyrup, Trinfante, Webber, Esso Everfast, Henkel, Cortiças Amorim, Aman Sinaletrica, Onduline, Cimianto.

    This list is just a small part of the many brands we represent. Come and see our shop. 


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