Steel cutter

        The steel cutters can cut iron of 12 to 16mm. the cutting blades are removable and have three cutting sides each.


Lever shears

        Compact frame of welded Martin Siemens steel plates. The parts that take the greatest strains are made from high quality steel. Special alloy steel cutting blades, each with 8 cutting edges. Capable of cutting bars with a resistance of up to 1000 N/sq. mm. Each model is supplied complete with a lever. Models CR-28 and CR-32 have to lever positions designed to reduce the cutting effort.



Automatic bender / cutter

  • Turnable forward and reverse rotation: the table can turn in the two directions of operation.

  • Angles selector: Desired angle is obtained by inserting the pin in the bending table periphery.

  • Two drive systems: Automatic, and continuous for spirals.

  • Remote control, by pedal.

  • Electronic Board: in monoblock, sealed case "Low voltage (48V.)" With emergency stop and per CCE standards.

  • Reducer lubrification by oil bath: There is no hand oiling point. Fitted with brake-motor.

  • Swing square: With complete equipment of bending bushes and bolts.

  • Special attachments: 380 mm "with 9 bending holes"  With possibiliy to change point "0".

  • Gathering tray: At the bottom, to keep pedal, bolts, bushes, tools, etc.

  • Includes a Cropper, so it doesn´t only work continuously but, besides that, using the pedal it also works cut by cut, and it´s blade can be stopped at any moment when cutting.  


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