This special prop is made out of high quality steel and is indicated for heavy construction jobs in wich the supported weight can go up to 3.9Tons. The prop complies with the European Norm EN1065.

    The steel of the outer tube has a thickness of 3mm. and a diameter of 60mm, while the steel of the inner tube 3.5mm. thick and has a diameter of 51mm. Due to the base great stability is obtained.

    Adjusting the hight of the prop is easy and fast and due to a hand protection system safe. Due to a zinc and yellow passivation treatment the prop will not rust. 

    The measures and loads:

  • 1.74m to 3.04m supported weights from 3.9 to 2.5 ton.

  • 2.24m to 4.04m supported weights from 3.8 to 2.2 ton.


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