For people who work everyday with cutting machines, good material is indispensable. Here you will find every thing you need.


General characteristics:

  • The EMI cutters have been tecnically designed to offer a high resistence and are built with materials of primary quality.
  • Any model of these saws is able to cut any kind of material such as concrete blocks, marble plates, granite, stoneware, etc... Excelent results are being obtained owing to it´s easy manoeuvrability and working capacity.
  • The pan is used as a water tank. The blade is being cooled in a closed circuit thanks to an electrical pump. The water flow is controlled by a spherical valve.
  • The blade rotation is carried out thanks to a transmission from the belt to the motor.
  • The saddle is being moved along wheels installed on waterproof bearings. Prisme guides have been assembled to get a more accurate cut.
  • Besides, so as to get an even better yield, all the EMI models are manufactured according to it´s customers needs with different blade diametres and cutting lengths etc... 


EMI 500


EMI 800





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