Because a life has no price...

        the protection that this nets offers is far more than the european requirement standards. The safety nets are tested with dummies (equiped highly sensitive measurement equipment) to extract reliable information on impacts to the human body. 

        Because of the flexability and elasticity of the system the safety net, at receiving an impact molds it´s self as a pocket around the object, resulting in breaking it´s fall softly. Due to the compact mecanism, great solidness is obtained in the joints, wich proved to be the weakest point in earlier systems. 

        The clamp support needs no external elements attached on it´s own structure, a solid anchoring place is all what´s needed to fix the module with some screws.



  • Modules with the following measurements 3x4.5m. and 3x6m. At 3 meters distance it´s possible to yield an area of 6mts. Fixing to any solid point by manpower or using a crane.  
  • Suport clamp: needs a solid anchoring place, clamp opens 120 to 800mm. 
  • The arm has two positions: vertical or horizontal.
  • Nets: made out of special product: poliamid 6ht., square of 75mm. conform class B2 of the european norm 1263-1c/4.4Kj,.

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