• The concrete power trowels HALCON are used to get a quick and perfect finish onto small and big surfaces.

  • A gear box made out of melted aluminium equiped with inner conical bearing and a rectified tempered worm gear.

  • A handle enabling a great manoeuvrability and commands easily controlled.

  • Automatic stop lever automatically shuts down in case of loosing control over the handle, avoidingthus accidents.

  • Equiped with a mechanical regulating wheel over the anglesof the blades.

  • The axles of the blades are greased and joined with a guard ring that prevents the blades from being twisted.

  • Protection guard rings also avoid accidents during the rotation of the blades.

  • Centrifugal clutch (petrol motors) and mechanical clutch (electric motor).

Type E-3 G-5H E-5 G-9H / G13H
Adjustement of blades angle. comando através de cabo comando através de cabo comando através de cabo comando através de cabo
Ø outer guard ring (cm) 104 104 125 125
Ø Floating pales (cm) 90 90 120 120
No of blades 4 4 4 4
Dimensions 175x104x100 175x104x104 225x125x60 225x125x70
Weight 85Kg. 90Kg. 110Kg. 118Kg. 


Motor type eléctrico gasolina eléctrico gasolina
Trade mark Honda 6X 160SX Honda 6X 270SX   

Honda 6X 390SX

Voltage / Phases three/220-380 4 three/220-380 4
Power Kw / Hp 2.2Kw / 3Hp 4Kw / 5.5Hp 3.7Kw / 5Hp 6.6Kw/9Hp


Starting Switch Retractile switch Retractile


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