The sytem of ceilings shuttering, MANTA model, has the aim of putting up shuttering a whole concrete plant in a reticular way. The operations of transport, assembling, shuttering, unshuttering and stocking are easy work because the whole system only uses four elements: needle beam holder, terminal needle beam, intermediate needle beam and forked piece. The assembling and disassembling are easy, because a hammer is the only tool needed. Specialized labour is not required, save money and time.

        The system is safe, because it´s not necessary to move props around in any fase of the work, avoiding overefforts on the other props. It´s also a comfortable system since it permits a passage of 2 meters in normal use. This prevents a stop in the construction, other work can go on. It also helps to keep the working place clean, even a dumper can pass under the shuttering.

       The MANTA shuttering allows to have a plant put up and two other prop up. Another advantage is that the needle beam bolder has some lodgings where the forked piece is placed, every 25cm., which allows to place the forked piece and also the needle beams in multiple positions, moving it like that and avoiding working obstacles such as concrete pillars, summers, lift shafts, stairwells, etc.

        If the plant has an exceptional concrete thickness, we can use needle beams of shorter length (1 or 1.5m.) and increase the number of intermediate needle beams or else use needle beams of 1m. length, adapting them to higher loads than usual ones, such as solid flagstones. The system also permits the use of panels of: 

  • 0.97 x 0.50m.        or        1.00 x 0.50m.

  • 1,97 x 0.50m.        or        2.00 x 0.50m.


        As you can see the assembling of the MANTA shuttering is simple, it is enough to place the fork pieces in the needle beam holder where the needle beams will be fixed. With the help of the props, the whole system is lifted and the intermediate and terminal needle beams are placed at the desired length. On them, the wooden boards are placed in order to put up shuttering after that.

The advantages : 

  • Easy system, specialized labour is not required.
  • Simple system, only 4 pieces.
  • Safe system, there is no movement of props.
  • Comfortable system, We work with a light of 2m. between props.
  • Fast system, there is a important time saving when assembling and disassembling.
  • Economical system, less props and less pieces by square metre.


        View from above

  1. Props
  2. Needle beam holder
  3. Intermediate needle beam
  4. Terminal needle beam
  5. Forked piece


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