Carton tube formwork

        Different sizes and shapes


  • Easy to transport and move around due to it´s weight. 
  • Eficiency: The top of the tube needs no reinforcements.
  • Flexability: Vibrating the concrete is easy and faster than with any other formwork for pillars due to flexible cells of of the carton.
  • Stability: Due to a special coating on the inside the tube, it will not deform or rupture.
  • Practical: Very easy to remove, one simple cut. 
  • Enconomical: Very economic due to: Increase of productivity, cut down in costs as it is cheaper system, less manpower needed. 
  • Advise:

        Store the tube in a dry area! Protect the top of the tubes with grease to prevent penatration of humidity. When aplying the tube: put the tube always vertical over the iron, carefull not to harm the inner part of the tube. Vibrate 3 times less than conventional shuttering for pillars. 


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