The shuttering panels are mixed boards of steel and wood. That is to say: a steel framework ST-37 with a wooden board. The wood is specially treated with melamine, which moulds with the concrete.

        The shuttering system complys with the DIN 68791 regulation, and produces a completely flat surface. They are designed for a concrete pressure of 5 Tn/m2.

        The elements of the system allow them to adapt to small brickwork all the way to large building works as well.


The versatility is based on three facts:

  • The largest panel is (2.700 x 900) and can be moved by hand, making it possible to move the panel around in thight places.
  • The system allows the formation of large panels up to 25m2 transportable by crane by means of the hoisting hook. 
  • The assembling is easy, you can use pin and wedge or linking clamp. Special labor is not required, which is hard to find and very expensive.

        The formwork consists of two series: in height, one 2.70m. and another 1.80m. with basis of 0.30m., 0.45m. and 0.90m.  Formwork comes holes to joint them in any order or position.

        The system is manufactured in a way that the edges of all wooden parts are protected by the steel frame work, besides this all joints between boards and metal framework are sealed. On the other hand, a damaged board can easily be changed, use high quality boards ( 330gr./m2 of melamine for protection). This system is the solution for all the works: corners, wall joints in "T", variable angles. It´s easy to make large panels up to 25m2, obtaining the rigidity by means of the galvanized belts which only need the bolt and the wedge to fix them.

        By means  of variable compensators, variations are obtained in the desired wall lengths. Scaffolding and leaning back brackets increase the operator´s safety when using it and make the assembling easier. In short, all the necessary elements to make your work profitable.


  1. Pin
  2. Wedge
  3. Wiking wingnut
  4. Diwigad tie-rod
  5. Round nut
  6. Nut hexagonal
  7. PVC tube
  8. PVC cone
  9. Plastic stopper
  10. Crane hook
  11. Quadrate nut


  1. Panel (2.7 x (0.90) (0.45) (0.30)) / (1.80 x (0.90) (0.45) (0.30))m.
  2. Inner corner panel variable (2.70 x 0.20) (1.80 x 0.20)m.
  3. Compensating panel (2.70 x 0.40) (1.80 x 0.40)m.
  4. Linking clamp
  5. Outer corner panel variable (2.70 x 0.10) (1.80 x 0.10)m.
  6. Inner corner panel (2.70 x 0.20) (1.80 x 0.20)m.
  7. Outer corner panel (2.70, 1.80)m.
  8. Infil bar panel corner (2.70 x 0.05) (1.80 x 0.05)m.
  9. Allineation belt metal (0.5, 1.5, 3 m.)
  10. Working bracket
  11. Scaffolding


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