The scaffolding platforms are manufactured in steel quality ST37, aluminium or on request galvanized. They have a special profile that gives them great resistence due to its many and studied folds, being also light and easy to use.  

         The manufacturing process is completly automatic, and the supports are welded by a robot on the platform. Platforms are painted in a funace with poxi-polyester paint and also receive a antirust phosphatized treatment.


        The platforms comply with the following regulations:

  • UNE - 78 - 502 - 90 in document H.D.1000 and they are classified C- 5 e C- 6.

  • C - 5: meaning platform for scaffolding with uniform load distributed along the platform. up to  500kg/m2.

  • C - 6:  meaning platform for scaffolding with uniform load distributed along the platform. up to 600kg/m2, with recovery arrows of 20mm.     

  • The platforms can be used in standard scaffolding as well as scaffolding manufactured. according to the european regulations.

        If necessary we will present  you a copy of the certificate to certify that the metallic platforms comply with all required regulations, in order to avoid problems with law enforcement.


        Aluminium platforms, with  or without window in 2.00 / 2.50 / 3.00m, are light and safe. The window platform is constructed with special antiskid phenolic panelling, and the ladders safety support in the window is highly resistent.

        A holes system with the edges salient towards the top of the board, garanty an antiskid surface, shoes get fixed.

        Detail of platform joint. It´s place,ent is possible in both directions.

        Safety lock (under the board) prevent the platform from tipping over when loads are not equaly distributed. 


Sizes of platforms in steel:

1.00 x 0.30m.  2.00 x 0.30m. Extedible 
1.50 x 0.30m.  3.00 x 0.30m. Extedible
2.00 x 0.30m. 
2.15 x 0.30m. 
2.50 x 0.30m. 
3.00 x 0.30m. 


Sizes of platforms in aluminium:

2.00 x 0.625m. with window
2.50 x 0.625m. with window 
3.00 x 0.625m. with window
3.00 x 0.625m. normal working platform


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