• Ideal to cut in reduced sites such as water, gas, electrical pipes, etc...

  • Easily transportable in any vehicle.

  • Welded steel chassis.

  • Easy access to the blade.

  • Regulation of the height cut through a crank equiped with a blocking system.

  • Water tank of 20L.

  • Rotational axle assembled onto waterproof bearings.

  • Emergency stop button.

  • Flexible rubber and aluminium fellies wheels with double bearings.


Características  COBRA-355
Motor Honda GX270 SX
Starting Retractile
Motor Power 6.6Kw / 9Hp
R.P.M. 2888 r.p.m
Advance Manual
Ø Max. Disc 14" / 350mm.
Disc Axial Ø 1" / 25´4mm.
Disc Location On the right
Max. Depth Cutting 105mm.
Water tank capacity 20L.
Weight 67Kg.
Dial indicating cutting depth Graduated dial 
Measures 127x48x91 cm.




  • Highly capable machine, but at the same time very versatile.

  • Polypropilene water tank able to contain 30L. in series.

  • Graduated dial to control cutting depth.

  • Special design so as to ease its manipulation onto medium and large surfaces, offering then an important output.

  • Blade cooled through two different ways: directly from the water tank or from the mains inlet.

  • Manual advance and cutting depth is controlled through a crank equiped with a blocking system.

  • Accelerator easy to handle from the working place.


Características  COBRA-405
Motor Honda GX 390 SX
Starting Manual
Motor power 9.5Kw / 13Hp
R.P.M. 3195
Advance  Manual
Max. Disc. Ø  16" / 400mm.
Disc Axial Ø 1" / 25´4mm.
Disc location On the right
Max. 130mm.
Water tank capacity 30L.
Weight 115Kg.
Depth regulation system Mechanical Wheel
Dial indicating cutting depth  Graduated dial
Measures 156x60x88 cm.


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