Dear visitor,

        We tank you for your interest in our firm by means of visiting our website. This website has been created for all our clients and professionals who are intrested in construction materials and the bussines.

        With this website ANTÓNIO & JOÃO, Lda pretends to help and professionalize the construction sector. At the current moment the sector is being subjected to many changes, and in the future this fact will only increase. Because of this and many other reasons we choose to manufacture and maintain the website by ourselves. This is in our opinion the only way to keep our clients up to date.

        António & João, Lda was born in 1973 during the age of space exploration. Althought it suffered some small changes our logo (Apolo 15) is still the same, because up to this very day it represents the companies profiles: Expansion, Progress and Perfection.

        Today, 30 years later the company is simultaneously a retailer and a wholesaler; retailer because we serve the final consumer in our head-quarters and in our Super Shop, with our tools department and ceramics exposition. As we re-sell a lot of equipments to retailers and serve numerous large construction companies we consider ourselves also as a wholesaler.


To serve our customers better in our new head-quarters we have:

  • 500 m2  Tools Shop, 
  • 500 m2  Ceramics exposition,
  • 250 m2  Machinerie exposition,
  • 2000 m2  Warehouses,
  • 1500 m2  Parking area,
  • 4000 m2  Cargo and outdoor storage area,
  • Childrens Amusement Park,
  • Elevator for the handicap

This all within a radius of 60km that include: Lisbon, 30 min A8, Leiria 30min IC1/2.


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