The quality of the materials and systems guarantee reliability, reduced maintenance an the utmost in safety. All safety devices used comply to European regulations.

Model hp / kw Cap. drum Cap. Mixing Dimensions Weight
BB140 0.50 / 0.37 140L. 114L. 1160x650x1280 60Kg.
BB160 0.75 / 0.55 160L. 130L. 1400x750x1295 82Kg.
BB180 0.75 / 0.55 180L. 145L. 1400x750x1310 83Kg.
BB180EX gasolina 3.5hp 180L. 145L. 1400x750x1310  
BB220 1.5 / 1.1 220L. 175L.    
BB250S 1.5 / 1.1 250L. 160L. 1600x785x1420 95Kg.
B88250SD Diesel 4.8hp 250L. 160L. 1600x785x1420  
BB260E 1.5 /1.1 260L. 165L. 1600x785x1420  
BB260RPMD Diesel 4.8hp 260L. 165L. 1600x785x1420  
BB300RME 2.0 /1.5 300L. 230L. 1835x1000x15700 232Kg.
BB300RPM 2.0 / 1.5 300L. 230L. 1835x1000x15700  
BB300RPMD Diesel 4.8hp 300L. 230L. 1835x1000x15700  

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