Cleaning machine for wooden shuttering panels.

        The machine is available with a singlephased or threephased motor and is equiped with an entrance and exit (option) tunnel for the wood panels, that is retractable towards the inside of the machine during transport. 



        The machine has a stop button that, stops the scrapers immediately, even though the motor is still slowing down, this increases the safety of the machine. A safety device on the three fase motor prevents it from rotating in the wrong direction, when the conductors are conected incorect. This way damadge to the machine is avoided and the operator is not in risk.



Panels cleaning system

        The driving rollers, adjusted by rubber bearings, exert a gentle pressure and conform to surfaces in case of small thickness variations.
Faces are cleaned by strong and wear-resistant scrapers, fitted on bearings and balanced by soft rubber rings, conforming to the shape of the piece of wood. 

        A variable angle arm positions the scraper automatically to ensure that the upper edge is cleaned with a constant pressure over the entire surface.
Planks and panels are washed and oiled with a strong jet of stripping agent.
Two pairs of brushes at inlet and outlet seal the washing tunnel and reduce the loss of stripping agent to minimum.


Max. Length in working mode 2.300 mm
Max Length in transport mode 1.600 mm
Width  1.010 mm
Heigth  1.290 mm
Weight 260 Kg
Motor Power      0,95 Kw

Sizes of panels 

Thickness of panels 1 a 5 cm
Height of panels 10 a 50 cm
Max. Cleaning 200m2 / hour


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